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Denim: The skirt trend.

Hello everyone! It’s been really long since I posted on my blog. I hope you guys are doing fine.

Quick question, do you guys prefer a mini skirt or a mini dress? Going with any of it is quiet daring. Recently I’ve been thinking about ideas where I can use my clothes in different ways, thinking about that I would definitely prefer skirt over dress.

In this post I’ll be telling about how a denim skirt can be styled. My favourite ones include denim front buttoned ones, full skirts, tweed, crochet, velvet, circle, etc. It’s very important to balance your outfit. I’d suggest a comfortable denim skirt with a crop top, a sweatshirt, a backless top, a sweater, or just an old t-shirt which can be modified into a cut out top.I’ve styled the skirt in two different ways.

First look:

Firstly, I decided to style it with a ruffled crop top. The crop top is from lifestyle stores. I paired it with a low block heels from max stores. This gave the outfit a chic but elegant look.

Crop top: Lifestyle stores.

Skirt: DIY

Block sandals: Max fashion stores.

Second look:

For the second outfit I’m wearing a black top from lee cooper for the same skirt and block heels. The skirt is a DIY from an old denim pant. This outfit had a classy and party look,I totally loved how the outfit turned out to be.

Top: Lee Cooper.

Skirt: DIY

Block sandals: Max fashion stores.

I hope this post was helpful. To keep yourself updated you can follow me on Instagram. I’ll be posting again soon. If you guys want me to help you out with anything you can contact me or mention it in the comments section. Thank you.
Keep smiling and stay happy. Lots of love.


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