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Denimize your outfit!

Hello everyone. I hope you guys are doing well.

I’m always obsessed with Denim. If you guys have read my previous posts then you’ll know I’m always into denim shirts and jackets. Denim is a staple it’s a saviour and there are so many different ways to style it. Do you love the idea and the look of a denim dress, but you’re not sure exactly how to wear one? Don’t worry, today’s Blog has you covered! There are lots of different variations when it comes to denim dresses, some are tight, buttoned, short, long, slouchy… The list is endless, but there’s different ways of wearing each style and it couldn’t be easier!

This denim dress is bought from limeroad, it’s an application (website) where we get to design outfits and also buy them. The shoe is from Max. This shoe is very comfortable and fashionable. It’s blue in colour with white print on it. The sling bag is from Michael Kors very small and perfect for a casual day out with your friends. Denim dresses are of different types, the denim shift dress or tunic dress definitely is stylish and gives a more mature vibe to the whole denim dress concept, so it can be deemed as fashionable, I even like the buttoned dress and I’ll be styling it soon on my blog.

I hope you guys liked the post. I’ll be posting again soon till then have a nice time. Post pictures of you in denim and tag me, I’ll be featuring my favourite ones on my Instagram account.

Keep smiling and stay happy. Lots of love.

Denim dress- Limeroad.

Shoe- Maxfashionstores.

Sling bag- Micheal Kors.

Lipstick- Huda Beauty in Venus.



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