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HEAD OVER HEELS! Get your ideas from the perfect wedding guide.

Hello everyone.

Wedding! You read that right. You might be wondering how suddenly a personal blogger like me is talking about weddings. Wedding is every person’s dream, whether it is a girl or a boy. Wedding is a time in our life where we meet the right person, fall in love, get engaged and begin planning a life together. I’m no different from anyone. I’m a normal teenage girl who has a dream about how my wedding should be. Everyone wants a perfect wedding. Couples always search for an innovative way to host their guests at their wedding. Without your friends and family, your day wouldn’t have been the same. If your wedding is anytime soon or any of your close relative or friend is getting  married soon it’s a must that you read this post.

Wedding is a joyous event, but requires a lot of decisions to be made by the bride and the groom. There might be many questions in your head about having a perfect wedding. How to choose a perfect location? Here is the answer. First you need to talk to a planner or approach a website; they will help you according to your budget and the number of guests you’re inviting. Choose a venue that suits your dream location. Don’t choose a location based on a wedding you fell in love with online. Ask yourself what feels authentic to you two as a couple.

What about your perfect wedding outfit? This is the most important part of the wedding for a girl. It’s an awaited moment for every girl to wear her wedding outfit in which she looks the most beautiful. Wedding makeup has to be perfect depending on the wedding outfit. Don’t make mistakes in selecting your makeup artist and the outfit, contact professionals.

Wedding is an amazing moment for the couple. Capture these amazing moments and cherish it forever. Choose a professional photographer for your wedding and pre-wedding shoots. Frame your best day and preserve it forever.

A honeymoon is an important event in a married couple’s life and should take precedence in planning and budgeting. Taking the time for a romantic honeymoon vacation will allow the newlyweds to relax, enjoy each other and start the married life in a stress free environment. With this in mind, the couple should start early in the wedding planning to look for romantic honeymoon vacation ideas.  When the couple has spent weeks or months planning the wedding they can become overstressed and overtired.

I hope this helps. 

Recently I hopped onto this site and really liked the way they have simplified wedding planning – check out Wedmegood.com. Here, you can find wedding venues, photographers, makeup artists, wedding ideas and so much more. For ex, if you are getting married in Delhi, you can find here wedding venues in Chattarpur, South Delhi, East Delhi and other localities. Similarly, you can search for wedding vendors in the city you are getting married in. 

They also have a wedding planning app for Android and IOS to help you plan your wedding on the go. 

Plan your wedding smart and efficiently with their help. Make your wedding a special moment.

Keep smiling and stay happy. Lots of love.


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