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OFF SHOULDER TOP in three different ways.

Hello everyone. I hope you guys are doing well.

I always tell about wearing one shirt/top in different ways because wearing them normally is too mainstream. Clothes are never enough, this is why I style one particular top/shirt in many ways. Everyone has that favourite top of theirs which they want to wear everytime. No problem, in today’s post I’m writing about how I wear the same favorite top in different ways. This is a post on my personal style, everybody’s style differs so you all can try this in your own ways. 

First look with gold accessories:

I’m wearing an oversized off shoulder sweater top with a black pant. I’ve styled it with a gold dreamcatcher chain and a tan coloured bag. I’m wearing wedges from metroshoes. It’s very important to choose a comfortable footwear as you’ll have to stay in it all day sometimes. A girl’s mood depends on the level of comfort in her shoe. So this was the first look, it’s pretty simple and very comfortable.

Second look with silver accessories:

In my second look I’m wearing the same off shoulder sweater top with a black pant and the brown wedges ​from metroshoes. To make this outfit unique I’ve accessorized it with silver accessories. I’m wearing a silver belt which has some stones on it along my top. On my arms I’m wearing silver bracelets, you can add more silver accessories to it too.

Third look:

This is a casual look. I’m not wearing any accessories here, keeping it plain and simple. I’m wearing a wide black belt along my waist. This helps in defining the curves and makes the look very elegant.

I hope you guys liked the post. I’ll be doing more posts of the same type in the future. Let me know about your personal style by tagging me in your Instagram pictures. My favorite among the tagged pictures will get featured on my Instagram handle (Instagram-thevoguewanderer). I’ll be posting again soon till then have a nice time. 

Stay happy and keep smiling. Lots of love.


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