Different​ ways to wear a Striped Breton crop top.

Hello everyone! How are you guys?

It’s very common for girls to run out of clothes even if they have a lot of it. I have always loved wearing one top in different ways, it gives a unique look everytime. It’s very comfortable for every season. Just wear it for summer, wear a sweater over it for winter, or a raincoat for the autumn. Right now it’s the season for crop tops and crop tops are the most trending.

I’m pretty sure everyone has a striped top and here are different ways you can wear them with the same pant. This Striped crop top is from reliance trends. You can even pair it with skirts or shorts but here I’ve mainly focused on jeans pant.

1. With scarf:

 Scarf is one essential for every girl. You can literally wear it with anything, ethnic or western wear. Animal print has been my favourite for many days now, so I decided to pair this crop top with an animal print scarf.

2. With black/white:

Black and White shirts are always needed to style the outfit differently. Depending on the colour of the outfit the shirt is decided. As my crop top here is grey with black stripes, a black shirt would contrast with it. If you’re choosing a lighter shaded crop top then white shirt will be suitable.

3.With checked shirt:

Checks on strips. A checked shirt will transform the oufit into formal or casual depending on how we style it. I’ve selected a black and white checked shirt here as it suits the crop top. You can select the checked shirt depending on the colour of the crop top. Make sure the size of the checks match the size of the stripes.

4. With denim shirt:

As I’ve told in my previous posts, denim shirt is a saviour. It always come to the rescue when your short on clothes. I have put on a faded denim shirt which is dual shaded, over the crop top. This made the outfit comfortable and gave it a denim look. Avoid accessories when you pair denim over any outfit.

5. With a long shirt/shirt dress:

You can use a shirt dress  or an oversized​ shirt over the outfit. The shirt dress that I’ve chosen here matched the crop top very well. This outfit is perfect for winter. I paired the outfit with a pair of heels, which added an elegant look to the complete outfit.

I hope you guys found this useful. Let me know about any other ways you would style a Striped top, I’d be glad to know it. To get a direct notification when I post follow the blog via email, the details are in the footer. Always forgive and forget. 

Keep smiling and stay happy. Lots of love. 


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