All Black!

Hello everyone!

How are you guys doing?

Black started in fashion as a non-colour. In some countries it’s still considered as the colour of mourning. People are talking about pink being the new black or brown being softer than black but we doubt tat fashion will exist without black being a part of it. Black is considered slimming, both sober and seductive depending on how you use it. Black will be stunning on girls and women and will always remain a fashion classic.

Talking about today’s post. In this I’m wearing a black maxi outfit which is from Veromoda. It has a slit on both the sides of the dress. It fits perfectly enhancing the curves on the body and is slimming. It’s suitable for night parties or dates. 

On my face I’ve done a light make up. On my lips I’m wearing Russian red lipstick from Mac. On my wrist I’m wearing a watch from Micheal kors.

I’m wearing a black ankle strap heels. They’re really comfortable and contrasts the maxi dress.

I’ll be writing again soon till then have a nice time. If you can’t decide what to wear, just wear black. Let me know about what you want me to post next in the comments below.

Stay Happy and keep smiling. Lots if love.


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