Casual outfit of the day! #OOTD

Hello everyone!How’s your weekend going? 

I’m sure everyone of us are very busy through out the week either studying or working. When we get a day off from it, what would you do? Hang out with your friends, Do some shopping or just chill out with your family. I’ve been fascinated by long cardigans these days. They’re really comfortable to wear and is suitable for every season. These long cardigans make you look thinner and graceful.

In this outfit I’m wearing a crop top from ONLY India. I bought the long cardigan from The Tibetian colony brigade road. The combination of the two turned out really well.

On my wrist I’m wearing my favourite watch by Michael Kors. It has a metallic strap, big round dial and is light weighted.

Moving on to the bag, it’s a convertible sling bag/ hand bag from Michael Kors. I really like the colours in the bag; it has tan colour in the sides, white in the centre accompanied with black on the outer part. The bag really goes well with all types of dresses and casual outfits. I paired it up with brown wedges (shoes). They’re really comfortable and does not hurt my feet. On my lips I’m wearing Ruby woo retro matte lipstick by M.A.C. It is a bright red colour and goes very well the outfit.

So, thats about it for today I’ll be writing again soon and till then have an amazing weekend. “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”

Stay happy and keep smiling. Lots of love. 


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