My travel essentials!

Hello everyone, hope you  are doing good!

It’s time for a travel blog. It’s spring already and people like to travel in this weather, go to some hillstations, beaches or even resorts. Travelling really helps you spend some time for yourself. I like to travel a lot and I travel very often too. Everytime I travel I make sure I carry some essential things with me. And this post is about that. 

First thing I keep in my kit is the cold cream and a sunscreen lotion. Its is very essential to carry the two things because we never know when we require them. If you are travelling to hillstations or any cold areas it is a must to carry a cold cream.I prefer using a baby cream instead of a cold cream because I have sensitive skin and baby cream is any way more moisturizing. Sunscreen is very important as we expose ourselves to sunrays in a trip, its very common. So to avoid the tanning or sun burns use sunscreen lotion.

Foundation and compact powder are the next things I would keep in my travel kit. You never know when your in need of a make up touch up. So its really important to carry them. I use MAC studio fix compact powder and MAC face and body foundation for the same.

Lipstick is really essential. Every girl’s picture looks highlighted when lipstick is applied. I always prefer bright and dark lipsticks and I carry them everywhere. I’m pretty sure even other girls do.

I carry my eyeliner and mascara with me while travelling. The fluidline’s gel formula provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish. You can prefer any colour for your eyeliner or even use a eyeshadow instead.

Perfume makes you feel sexy and confident . I cannot go out without spraying on my perfume. I use victoria secret pure seduction and i love its fragrance. I would take this with me on travel as it is made of plastic and I wont have to bother about its breakage.

When it comes to sunglasses there are so many benefits of wearing them, especially since they protect your eyes from damaging radiations and uv rays you can definitely use them while travelling. I carry my sunglasses everytime I travel and use it. It helps me see things clearly and makes my eyes feel less tired.

Hair serum is a must for me as I have  frizzy hair. The hair serum acts like a protective layer to hair and avoids dust from entering the scalp. It makes the hair shine and removes all the tangles.

So that’s about it for today. I hope  you guys found it useful. See you again in my next post. “We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us” keep travelling.

Keep smiling and stay happy. Lots of love .


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