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10 ways to style a LEATHER JACKET!

Hello everyone!

It’s a Sunday, time for new post. So, today I’m writing a fashion blog about how to style your leather jackets. Leather jackets are always in trend no matter what; you can just put it on a normal outfit and make it look very special. I still remember when I got my first leather jacket. I had wanted one for years, but I was never sure that I could really pull it off. When I thought of leather jackets, I thought of tough skinny girls who could look good in anything they wore. But then when I got a jacket I literally loved it. It’s really very comfortable, keeps you warm and protects your skin. Jackets are the best because you can wear them with literally anything. They usually give a casual vibe to any outfit, but don’t overdo it. They’ll keep you warm without suffocating you, and best part is they don’t cover up the rest of your outfit.

edit j 95.jpg

1.With whites:

White outfits always look perfect. So make it look better with a leather jacket. Use a buttoned white shirt and a jacket which contrasts the shirt. You could even wear a plain white t-shirt or a white dress.

edit j 1.jpg

2.With a shirt dress:

Matching jacket and shirt dress is all about style and elegance. If you want to look good just follow some simple steps. You might match colours incorrectly; colours are the most important do not mix more than three colours.

edit j 4.jpg

3. With stripes:

Stripes are my favourite when combined with leather jackets. They give a very unique look to your outfit and your outfit does not look casual anymore.


4. With black:

This is preferable for every occasion. When you don’t have an outfit just put on a leather jacket on your black t-shirt and rock it. You could even do the same with a black shirt or a dress. Wear your favourite LBD with a leather jacket. There is nothing more stylish and classic than these two pieces together for an occasion.

edit j 96.jpg

5. With an Over-sized sweater:

Everyone has that over-sized sweater or a full sleeved t-shirt which is lying in the wardrobe. Why let it go waste? Use it with a leather jacket. Just put on a jacket on top of the over-sized sweater and you’ve got a classy look for yourself. This idea is especially for winter when you want extra warmth and you want to look good at the same time.

edit j 2.jpg

6. With the short dress:

When you think of styling a jacket with a dress it always works. This can be done with a little black dress or a bodycondress. You can even choose other dresses with a jacket that fits its for the purpose.


7. With turtle neck:

Turtle neck is something that suits everybody type. It makes you look slim and makes your outfit look expensive. Style them with a jacket and make it look more expensive and elegant.

edit j 98.jpg

8. With prints:

Jackets are more commonly worn with prints. You can even style a plain t-shirt with a printed jacket both of them will look cool. Leopard print, stripes and floral are also chic and stunning with leather

edit j 99.jpg

9. Play with proportions:

Wear a pretty dress under your jacket for a sweet look. Wearing it over a feminine piece makes it look more unexpected. Pair it with a maxi dress, or wear a short lace dress, or wear shorts. Here I’ve paired it with pleated skirt.


10. Casual outfit :

Adding pieces like silk scarves, chunky jewellery are a trendy way to add something extra to your leather. If you want an edgy look try a studded tee or a crop top followed with a jacket.


So, this is about it for today. I hope you guys found this useful. Do not hesitate to style your jackets the way you want, trust me everyone looks good in their own ways. Tell me about how you style your jackets in the comment section below or you can even send an email by clicking on the contact menu. I’ll be writing soon till then love fashion. ‘Clothes have nothing until someone lives in them’.

Stay happy and keep smiling. Lots of love.


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