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Shopping destination of Bangalore: BRIGADE ROAD.

Hello everyone!

Bangalore is a busy city. We’re all busy in our life either studying or earning money, but when you have a day off from it, what would you do? Hang out with your friends, Do some shopping, Or maybe just chill at home? Every time we decide to do all of these on a holiday, because that’s the only day available, but it won’t be possible. If u would really want to do some shopping, hangout with your friends and have a good meal on the same holiday, then brigade road is the destination for you. If you would think that you’d just stroll down the infamous brigade road without doing any shopping then you’re in the wrong place. Here in brigade road it’s all about shopping accompanied with the best of food. You get all branded items and non-branded ones. Today I’m writing about how you can spend a Sunday afternoon while shopping in brigade road.


Clothes :

If you’re shopping for clothes, let it be a maxi, a gown, a short dress, shorts, tops, or even casual jeans, brigade road is the perfect place. It has various shops which include JEALOUS 21, Van Heusen, Faye, Arrow, Park Avenue, Wild Cats, US Polo, The Raymond Shop, Jack and Jones, Louis Philippe, Pepe Jeans and many more. If you’re trying to find not-too-expensive trendy clothes then you could go to the Tibetan shopping centre. It has wide ranges of trending clothes which are cheaper compared to the branded clothes but has good fabric.



If you’re going for shoe shopping then you cannot find a better place than brigade road. You can find every top branded shoe store in brigade road. Some of them are: Sango, Shoe Maker, Bata, Wardy & Company, Mochi, Candy Shoes, Fila, Woodland, Converse, Metro, Red Tape, Adidas, Nike, Hush Puppies and a lot more. You can also find other trending shoes in the Tibetan shopping centre. There are other street shops which have a good range of affordable shoes.


Bags :

Bags are one of the best shopping attractions of brigade road. They have a variety of hand-held medium to large-sized bags, totes, clutches, sling bags that are fashionable. There are a lot of stores for bags like Gaphel, Bag Shop, Hidesign, Samsonite etc. but the street bags are the best found in brigade road. They are affordable and classy at the same time.



This is my favourite part of shopping in brigade road. You look good if you wear a maxi or a mini dress but what do you wear along with them? Go find the little vendors in brigade road who don’t even have a name to their shops but yet are filled with jewellery up-to-date. The best part is they all fit into our budgets. Don’t want to dress up heavily? No problem. Wear a simple dress and accessorize it with trendy earrings or a neck piece. Where to find it? It’s all available in brigade road. Pick a sun glass which suits you and rock it.


Enjoy you’re shopping but don’t forget to eat some food. Brigade road is also known for its amazing pubs and delicious food. Check it out too. I hope you guys found this post useful, if you want me to write about the pubs, restaurants and cafes in brigade road do let me know. I’ll be writing again soon . ‘If you can’t stop thinking about it, BUY IT’.

Stay happy and keep smiling. Lots of love 🙂


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