Prepping up for VALENTINE’S DAY!

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are doing well.

So, it’s February and it’s a super special month because of valentine’s day! February is a month of love and I’m pretty sure most of you girls might be looking forward to the special day. Get dressed up and look beautiful for your loved ones. Valentine’s day is not just for couples, you can even have your best friend as your valentine or even go out with your family or friends for a lovely day.

I’m doing this Valentine’s day blog in advance to help you guys pick out an outfit and the required accessories for a perfect date. Valentine’s day is a day filled with love and positivity, so look good and more importantly feel good. Most of them wear only red for valentine’s day, you can wear red or even pick other bold colours. I picked a coral dress from zink(London), it gives a proper fit and defines the curves, just the way I like it. You guys can pick coral, pink or red because these are bright colours for Valentine’s day and looks good on almost everyone. You can also choose black or white, they look good for every occasion. Apart from these if you want to go all out girly girl then ruffle skirts is a must .Lace dresses also makes a worthy  V-day outfit. A high waist skirt , providing you a need to flash only a hint of skin to catch someone’s eye will be a perfect outfit.

I did not do much with my hair, just dried it using a blow drier . For make up, I just did the basic touch required and highlighted it with a bold lip colour. I mixed two colours for my lips mac- ruby woo and mac-all fired up. Make sure you don’t put on a lot of make up on your eye if you’ve used a bold lipstick.

I styled my outfit with a Louis Vuitton zippy wallet. It is one of the most versatile wallets with a lot of space for money, cards, coins etc., You can style your outfit with a nice wallet or even a sling bag that contrasts your outfit. Moving on to footwear, I’ve used a pair of brown wedges from metro which are very comfortable and looked great along with the wallet. It’s very important to choose a comfortable footwear because you might have to wear it for a long time and I’m pretty sure you don’t want any kind of pain/shoe bites on your special day. Make sure that the wallet/bag that you pick complements with your footwear.

I hope this post was useful, do let me know how you styled your outfit in the comments section below. Have a wonderful Valentine’s day and I hope your day is filled with love and joy. I’ll be writing again soon till then ‘Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none’.



Stay happy and keep smiling.Lots of love 🙂


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