M.A.C Mania

Hello everyone!I hope you guys are doing good.



M.A.C(Make-up Art Cosmetics) has always been my favorite beauty product.M.A.C offers a large selection of professional quality makeup must-haves for all ages, all races,all sex.

M.A.C face and body foundation:



This is a comfortable,lightweight fluid foundation which delivers low-to-medium  build-able coverage.It has a satin finish which covers spots and blemishes.The moisturizing  formula provides a true colour.Benefits of it is that it is water-resistant, instantly hydrating, long lasting, dermatologist tested, non-acnegenic, non drying and many more.I usually apply it with the help of a sponge but it can be done with the help of brushes or even blending it with fingers.

M.A.C Studio Fix:


This product is a one step powder and foundation which gives a flawless, matte and smooth touch to the skin .Its velvety texture allows the skin to breathe.It is long lasting,reduces appearance of pores, controls oil and shine, non drying, non streaking, non caking, non settling.It is photo friendly and is available in wide range of colours.

M.A.C Gel Eyeliner:



This product is an ultra smooth gel eyeliner by M.A.C. The fluidline’s gel formula provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish. It has a brush and can be applied with an easy dip and stroke action.They have a wide range of colors and finishes.The benefits are long lasting, waterproof, non-acnegenic, smudge-proof, tested. It can be used with the brush provided or an angled brow brush.

M.A.C Lipsticks:



M.A.C Lipsticks are very popularly used among the mac products.No one is satisfied with one M.A.C Lipstick.These lipsticks are formulated to define and highlight lips.They have hundreds of shades my favorite being ruby woo. They have high fashioned textures like amplified, cremesheen, frost, glaze, lustre, matte, retro-matte and satin.Each texture has its own benefits and is used based on ones preferences.

I hope you guys found this post beneficial. I’ll be writing again soon until then ‘Continue learning, never stop striving and keep your curiosity sharp, you will never get too old to appreciate life’

Stay happy and keep smiling. Lots of love.


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