Hello everyone!
So this is my first post on the blog and I wanted to start it by some introduction.I’m Bhavana a.k.a The Vogue Wanderer. I’m from Bangalore.I eat tandoori,Chinese,continental and Mediterranean cuisine every time I turn around.I have a small family which includes my mother ,my little brother and myself ,we’re a happy family.Then I got friends who are weird,who understand me and encourage me.So my life right now is beautiful with family,friends and my hobbies. Till date its been a hilarious journey with quite a lot of ups and downs, of course!That’s what defines life.

In this blog I’ll be writing about my experiences and my views about many aspects mainly focusing on fashion and travel.My posts will also include healthcare,beauty,lifestyle and food.The posts and photos will be genuine and will not be outsourced, if outsourced I’ll mention it.I’ve decided to start writing down hoping that the readers will find it useful and I hope it can be applied in their life as well.

So this is it for today I’ll be writing again soon and till then ‘Live not one life as though one had a thousand years,but live each day as the last.

Good bye,have a nice day!


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